Products We Offer

Industrial Chemical

As we located at Asia's biggest chemical Gidc we also in the dealing of Bulk Industrial Chemicals which are supplied under different brands. As the below chemical we supply are the necessary chemicals for different industries we take utmost care that they are of superior quality.

  • Vacuum Salt (Tata Make)
  • Refined Industrial Salt
  • Sodium Hydro Sulphite (Transpek)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (GACL, National Peroxide)
  • Oxylic Acid & Citric Acid
  • Hyflow Supercell (Filtering agent)
  • Caustic Soda Flakes (GACL)
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Sulphamic Acid
    • Desclaning Grade
    • Technical Grade
  • D.M.Water
  • Noigen X-100
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Dicamol
  • Common Salt
  • Anti Dust Oil
  • Soda Ash , Soda Bicarbonate
    • Tata Make
    • GHCL Make
  • Sodium Sulphate
    • Birla Cellulose